The GFTE, is basically a system for measuring the friction between the GFTE’s measurement wheel and the surface of the ground. The main components are:

  • Windows based measurement program
  • One fully integrated chain transmission. The measuring wheel is braked approximately 15% by the reference wheel of the car/trailer. The skidding gives rise to a moment (force) in the chain transmission, which is read via the horizontal load sensor.
  • The vertical load on the measurement wheel is read via the vertical load sensor.
  • The two measured values, horizontal and vertical, are sent to the computer, which calculates the friction coefficient.
  • The measurement distance is controlled by the pulse sensor, placed on the transmission arm.
  • Optional: Water system
  • One 650 or one 800 liters water tank is an integral part of the GFTE water system. The water flow is controlled by one electrical pump and one electrical valve to